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In hindsight, this was the catalyst for everything that has happened in the past 24 months.


In December 2013 myself along with my rowing partner Hannah set off to row 3000 miles unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean. Yep why would anyone do that? For us it was simple, in 2012 we had lost out friend Eleanor Ellis to Cervical Cancer at just 23 and we felt that she was worth doing something amazing for.


We set off on the 4th of December from La Gomera in the Canaries in a bid to become the youngest female pair to ever attempt to row across the Atlantic. What should have been a 50 day expedition, in fact resulted in 96 days spent at sea, 13 days on a Belgium cargo ship, exported into Canada and finally after 113 days arriving back into London Heathrow- to a very gaunt and tired looking mum!We faced the most adverse conditions any team has probably every faced, yet we still pushed on; a capsize, in which I split my head open (see photo), a battery fire which saw us ration water, no auto helm after 24 hours and a snapped off rudder. In total we spent over 40 days drifting until we finally called it a day- its one hell ‘ova story!


To read this, you most likely think this sounds awful, however to me it was the most amazing experience I had ever had. Living in such extreme conditions, at one with the ocean, without a shower for over 3 months was just the most life changing time, of my reasonably mundane life (back then). Its what made me realise that I probably wasn’t going to live my life on the normal linear path, that I wanted more, and that I wanted to be more.

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