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On July 3rd, Myself and the lovely Jamie Sparks will begin our expedition to walk across Sri Lanka coast to coast, self supported and for cheaper than the average holiday.

According to the Daily Mail (dodgy source, we know!) the average British holiday goer spends £875 on their summer holiday. Our plan is to pay less and have one hell of an adventure at the same time.

There is a common myth about adventures- that you need to spend thousands of pounds and take months off work. This is simply not true!


Sri Lanka is a small tear drop shaped country to the South East of India. It is home to rainforest, tea plantations, mountains, booming cities and beautiful beaches. Our aim this July is to walk from Colombo on the west coast, to the town of Batticaloa on the East coast. 

We will be walking with our superstar guide Prasad, who took some persuading to believe that we actually wanted to walk the whole way. He said that he had never heard of anyone wanting to do this and so i think he's quite excited as well.

We will be self shooting (filming) the entire journey with the hope that we can air it in some form on return. 

We'll be carrying all our own equipment on backpacks. The equipment list is long, primarily because of all the electronics we'll be taking. 

We will be GPS tracking ourselves so hopefully you'll be able to follow the journey as it progresses.

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