On January 29th 2016 Row Like A Girl crossed the finish line in Antigua. I am super proud to say I now have 2 World records and finished 2nd out of 26 teams (24 male teams!). FEELS LIKE A DREAM.


Row like a girl was launched days after finishing the Island. After my failed 96 day attempt in 2013, i'd had enough wallowing in self pity and wanted to give the ocean another crack.


In short, Row Like A Girl (RLAG) are aiming to become the youngest female four to ever row across the Atlantic Ocean! Its exciting stuff, and when I thought about attempting the Atlantic again, I wanted to do it with four likeminded people.

Now back with a vengeance, Myself, Olivia, Gee and Bella have our minds set on breaking two new world records – to become the youngest female four and to break the current speed record set by any four man team. 


As four young females brought together through a combined passion for adventure, row like a girl encompass #strongisthenewskinny and are passionate about inspiring young girls to get out there, get involved in sport and take whatever opportunities life throws at them.


Training for the this race comes in a multitude of platforms- we don’t believe in hours spent in artificially lit gyms, but rather training combines their adventurous outdoor spirit with a passion for getting a sweat on. Surfing, hiking, mountain, rowing on the lakes, climbing, yoga, trial running and meditation are key to Row like a girl’s holistic exercise regime.


The main drive that fuels our campaign is to raise over £50,000 for Plan UK’s ‘Because I am girl’ campaign.


Protecting the rights of adolescent girls, keeping them safe from harm, giving them access to a quality education and delaying marriage or childbirth means they can break the cycle of poverty to look forward to a brighter future. If a girl is accorded no value, if a girl is worth less than boy, then it stands to reason there will be men who believe they can do what they like with them.


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